Android app development is actually the process that helps to create new applications for the android operating system. The apps for the android operating system with the help of Java language of programming by using the development kit for the android software. Other tools of development are also available for the purpose. The android app development is very popular and till July 2013 over one million applications have been developed and downloads have been more than twenty five billions. A research performed on June 2011 indicates that more than 65% of the mobile developers have used the platform of android app development at the time of their publication.

How to use

The android app development is used to create various business developmental programmes. Anyone with the working knowledge of Java can create the android apps. The companies that develop android apps make use of the exclusive ideas to create best possible suggestions to cater the needs of the clients.


There are many benefits of the android app development. Android is the operating system that has very low barrier to entry. The licensing fees are not at all costly, and the development tools are also cheap and easily available. The primary cost of android app development includes the development as well as testing expertise, the royalty fees and the test devices. Any android powered devices can be used as the environment for running, testing as well as debugging the applications.

How ‘Android App Development’ is useful for business purpose

Android app development is the ideal platform for the companies who are new to mobile. The applications are created in Java having a great set of libraries. Anyone having the basic knowledge of working with Java can develop good android apps. This app development system provides with a great variety of distribution mechanism. The applications can be distributed in various ways. Any number of third party application stores can also be created along with individual distribution channels. This platform is free from all the royalty charges, license fees and is an open source application as well. It provides the business with the best mobile platform for the integration of inter-application. The android app development platform is set up in such a way to allow trust relationships between the applications and provide the users with more tightly knit experience.

Our expertise

Creative Solution India provides with the best possible options for android app development. Our team of experts deliver the clients with all they need in really short time and in such cases no compromise is made with the quality. We are the experts in customizing the apps with the help of android programming and thus make the main part of your business at very low budget.

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We provide the clients with the value added service that brings great flexibility besides offering wonderful prospect for developing variety of android apps. We have the team of expert developers to cater to the exact needs of the clients. We allow the development of open range of custom applications and reach unlimited possibilities of android apps by means of the development tools.

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