The ASP.NET is the open source (everyone has free access to the source code and it can be used for individual development purpose), server side framework of web application that has been designed for the purpose of web development in order to create web pages that are dynamic in character. The ASP.NET is the next generation version of Active Server Pages by Microsoft that is built on the basis of the Common Language Runtime and allows the programmers to create ASP.NET code with the help of any supported .NET language.

How to use

The ASP.NET is the next generation Active Server Page that brings a whole new type of programming model for the creation of the network applications that works with the advantage gathered through the internet.


The ASP.NET is much faster as compared to the classic ASP, but the “just hit save” update model has been carried forward in this improved version. The framework of web application consists of very simple steps and there is no scope for any sort of complications. The ASP.NET is able to detect all types of changes and is able to compile the files dynamically at the times of necessity. The compiled results are also stored for future uses. The dynamic compilation actually ensures that the application remains up to date as well as fast. The output of the ASP.NET improves the performance as well as scalability of the application dramatically. As the output caching is enabled on a certain page, the ASP.NET helps to execute the once and then saves the result in the memory before sending it to the user. So, when another user requires the same page, the cached result is served from the memory. The output caching can be configured for individual regions as well as for the entire page.

How “ Development” useful for business purpose

The ASP.NET is very much beneficial for the web farms as it allows them to use the session data across all the machines in the farm. The user is enabled to hit various servers in the web farm over different requests and can have full access to the session data.

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