JOOMLA is a free as well as open source (everyone has free access to the source code and it can be used for individual development purpose) content management framework that is used for the publication of web content. It has been built on the basis of the model – view – controller framework of web application that can be used independently of the content management system. This content management framework is written in PHP and uses the object oriented technique of programming and software design patterns. JOOMLA stores the data in the MySQL, PostgreSQL or the MS SQL database.

How to use

Page caching, printable versions of the pages, news flashes, RSS feeds, polls, blogs, search etc. are some of the features to be found in this content management framework. Support for language internationalization is another striking feature of this framework.


JOOMLA is such a content management framework that can be operated by people who know very little about web publication. It is so easy to use that you may create and maintain your own website all by yourself. It is very easy to mould this content management framework as per the specific requirements of your business.

How ‘Joomla Development’ is useful for business purpose

JOOMLA enables you to programme for a poll and gather the market as well as customer ratings for your product. It is very easy to maintain and you can make additions or change the existing data all by yourself. This means, even if you take the expert help in creating your own page, you may not need to spend money on its maintenance. People who have slightest of the technical knowledge to web page development can do the necessary changes. JOOMLA is the framework that supports multiple languages. Numerous pages can be created in any language for your customers all round the world, and you will not need to spend extra money to create separate web pages for different languages. This open source framework helps to create SEO friendly web pages and hence directs your potential customers to the right way. As the websites created by JOOMLA are easy to navigate, the websites provide the users with best experience and that indirectly adds to your business.

Our expertise

Creative Solution India work with JOOMLA 1.5, JOOMLA1.6, JOOMLA1.7 as well as JOOMLA 2.5x and provide extensions like hotel, auto, calendar, social networking, matrimonial, polls, property finders, messenger etc. Customizations in other JOOMLA extensions like JOOMLA Virtue Mart, SOB12, Community Binder, K2 etc. are some of the other services provided by us.

Why us?

We provide the best web development solutions and options that you are looking for. We have already proved that the designs and developmental works done by us are 100% authentic and safe as our standard of coding is really high and at the same time perfect. The quality and method of our work has also been proved to be the best. Being the largest and most reliable outsourcing company in India for JOOMLA Extensions Development, we are the one whom you can blindly trust for the best results.

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