Magento is the open source (everyone has free access to the source code and it can be used for individual development purpose) web application for ecommerce that was actually launched under the name of BENTO in the year 2008. It is basically a content management system (CMS), which is based on PHP as well as MySQL for the service of web hosting, which was built by using the parts of the Zend framework. This web application comes with the best possible control on the web page that you wish to create for your business.

How to use

Magento provides the user with the complete support for the object oriented programming along with the model view architecture. The entity attribute value or EAV database model is used for the storage of the data. When you are not very familiar with the internet, it becomes difficult for you to bring your business to the market of ecommerce. Magento is the web application that helps you out of this problem and creates such an easy environment that a person having the minimal knowledge of internet gets the maximum benefit from the ecommerce market.


The basic benefit of Magento is that the same application can be accessed on all the devices of the display media. The pricing rule is flexible and thus enables the efficient creation of various promotional offers, which in turn helps to increase the rate of conversion.

How ‘Magento Development’ useful for business purpose

The marketing tools of Magento offer functionality as well as accessibility that eventually increase the online sales. The web application is SEO friendly and is thus more productive from the business point of view. This feature offers the user with improved store performance through the integration of Google Analytics as well as other Website Optimizers. The catalogue management feature of Magento is so highly equipped and well designed that the visitors find it to be the best to browse through the catalogue and the products in real time.

Our expertise

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