Hypertext Pre-processor or PHP is the open source (everyone has free access to the source code and it can be used for individual development purpose) general-purpose scripting language that is used widely and is specially suited for web development. This scripting language can be embedded into the HTML as well. Lots of commands are required for the HTML output, but PHP pages consist of the HTML with the codes embedded within. The PHP code is specially enclosed and allows the user to jump in and out of the PHP mode. When the PHP code is executed on the server, the HTML is automatically generated and is also sent to the client.

How to use

It is extremely easy to use PHP, even for a newcomer! PHP is used in those cases of the web technologies where the user’s demand is to be carried out by administering a script right on the server to prompt the dynamic HTML pages. This specific type of technology is termed as the Server Side Scripting. PHP is also used for the purpose of individual application of graphics. In case the operating system runs with the help of a command line interpreter, PHP is one of the easiest methods to be used. PHP is also compatible to text user interface. The regular availability if the up gradation and the availability of the various customized versions has made PHP the most popular script language.


The very first benefit of PHP is that it saves a lot of time. A PHP user is able to write the scripts within few hours and thus save the working time. PHP is such a programming language that can be used various sized projects, making websites for ecommerce as well as portals for software those are web based.

How ‘PHP Development’ is useful for business purpose

The working speed of this script language is extremely beneficial for business purpose as quick entry of a new application to the market enhances the cost efficiency and also provides an advantage for the competition. PHP runs on almost all the platforms. This means that you d not have to go for new software installation and can reuse the existing one and thus your work becomes more cost effective. PHP is very flexible not only after the initial project, but also during the project. This is very important as the functionality of a certain project often needs change during the process. Changes can be implemented after the project is on the run and thus a lot of valuable time can be saved.

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