Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click is the model of internet advertising that is used to direct the traffic to the web sites for which the advertiser has to pay the publisher or the owner of the web site when the ad is clicked. It can be defined as the amount that is spent to get an advertisement clicked by the internet user. The advertisers typically bid on the keyword phrases those are relevant to the market that they target at. The content sites generally charge a fixed price for every click instead of the bidding system. The display advertisements are known as the banner ads are also shown on the web sites or the results of search engines that are related to the content. The PPC campaigns are the main ways of advertising through the internet.

How to use

The Pay Per Click (PPC) actually helps you to determine the people who come to your web site. You are liable to pay the publisher only when a person clicks to your site. If the viewer just looks at your site without clicking, it is known as the impression and you do not have to pay anything for that. The Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is based on the selection of the keyword as the entire market of internet advertising revolver around the choosing of correct keywords.


The Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign that is well managed and well optimized is considered to be a very cost effective method of advertising through the internet. It is designed in such a way that it reaches every single visitor of web sites. The Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can be launched faster than the SEO method and thus results in bringing the targeted traffic and qualified leads to your web site.

How PPC is useful for business?

The Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is actually the best option to compliment your inbound marketing efforts and helps to maximize your coverage. With the help of this campaign additional traffic can be sent to your web site. This results in increasing the visibility of your web site and helps you to establish your company as the leader in your specific industry. The assignments of different add copies for specific keywords as well as demographics actually increase the quality of the traffic to your business.

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