PSD to HTML is actually a workflow in which a web page is initially designed in a Photoshop Document or PSD and then it is converted to code by using HTML. At first a high fidelity pixel perfect design of the desired site is made in Photoshop, then a slice tool is used to divide the imagery of the website and then it is exported for the web. Finally the HTML and the CSS is written that actually utilizes the imagery that is exported from the Photoshop. The process seems to be quite easy, but it can be difficult while coding, especially when it is not known what the final output is going to look like.

How to use

PSD to HTML workflow is one of the best methods to make websites. The simple reason is that while the basic design is made by Photoshop, it is easy to create the exact design that is desired. With the help of this workflow method, the designers can make various designs from which the best is selected by the client and then the final conversion is done. Both the designer and the client know beforehand exactly how their website will look like.


When anything is created by Photoshop, it is pixel based. Obviously the picture quality is much higher as compared to any other medium, but with the advancement of the web pages, PSD is on back foot. The web pages are very much fluid and they change continuously. So, PSD to HTML conversion is the best way to have the desired output that has the clarity of the Photoshop and at the same time the fluidity of HTML.

How ‘PSD to HTML’ useful for business purpose

The basic target of creating a website is to make use of the cyber world for the best possible advertisement of your business. When you have a certain layout of your business website in mind, you can create the image with the help of Photoshop. But in order to make the thing suitable for the web world, the Photoshop creation will not be of much value. Just get the thing converted to HTML and you will achieve the desired thing that your business needs.

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