The key technical features of responsive web design are the media queries, flexible grid-oriented layout using relative sizing and flexible images, through dynamic size orientation. For instance if the mobile user  views your business site on a mini screen, then the company should provide him information for his requirements. In responsive web design, one has to deal with proper interactions with the graphic interface environment. These responsive mobile devices are transforming the view of the landscapes, with the show of more mini screens at an innovative edge.

How to use

Responsive web design is a step that suggests the design and development should show response to the user’s behaviour and the environment based screen size and orientation. The practical approach is to use a combination of flexible grids and even layouts, images and intelligent usage of the media queries. As one switches from the laptop to the iPad, the website should itself adjust for resolution, image sizing and scripting.

How ‘Responsive Web Design’ useful for business purpose

The various functions of responsive web design are:

  • Adjusting the screen resolution with the complex orientations. In this way many new devices could move to landscape versions.
  • Flexible adjustment of images with appropriate consistent layouts. Its perfect for the devices switching from portrait orientation into instant landscape options. This could involve hiding and revealing image portions, creation of sliding composite imaging and foreground images scaling with layout.


The responsive web design techniques increases one’s reach to the tablet and mobile audiences. Traditionally the users would be re-directed to another specific site. But is this case one particular site could be implemented across the devices. For those aspiring to optimize their online sites, require these design basics for a strong commercial imperative.

By being able to reach the company sites easily at anytime, the sales versions and conversion rates increase. Just one responsive site would need to require to track user journeys, the conversion paths, and the redirection between sites. Like Google Analytics is optimized towards handling of multiple versions and a series of responsive reporting. It also would increase the visibility in the search engines. With the research and unified strategies, the devices could be utilized for reaching a larger crowd.

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